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The Guided Collective Podcast with Helen Jacobs

Sep 19, 2021

How busy are you? Busy enough that you don’t even know how to unbusy yourself? In this episode, I remind you of the simple steps that I took to bring myself back and how I returned to the deep soul practices that helped me reconnect to myself, including an introduction to the ARIA method. 


Our busyness is a sign to come back to yourself, to recognise the signs in your Four Bodies, and practise living more intuitively. 


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Episode 125: RU Ok? (And What To Do If You’re Not)

Episode 126: Are You Busy Blocking Intuition?


Links mentioned:

The ARIA Method Workshop - join here for FREE

For more on the Four Bodies and Guidance Cycle, check out You Already Know


Signed copies of Asking For a Friend and You Already Know are available at You’ll find non-signed copies and audiobooks via all good book retailers. 


The Little Sage Oracle Cards


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