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The Guided Collective Podcast with Helen Jacobs

Jan 15, 2023

Do you believe life is geared in your favour? Your answer to this question could greatly influence your ability to receive guidance and manifest accordingly. It has been my experience that life is actively working with us to succeed, sometimes despite evidence to the contrary, and that if we know how, we can harness the Universe's magic to manifest our best life. 


In this episode, I share with you another excerpt from my latest book – Follow Your Heart: Simple daily rituals for honing your intuition about understanding how to use your heart to communicate with the Universe. Think of your heart as an antenna transmitting your desires to the Universe and receiving guidance on how to make it happen. 


Through the 12 Universal Laws, we are in a constant state of vibrational communication with the Universe, and by listening to our heart, we can feel the frequency of our desires, focus on the vibration of our desires, and take inspired action to manifest those desires. This creates a universal feedback loop which requires a confluence of all the Universal Laws and an alignment with what’s in our heart – with our heart briding the gap between intuition and manifestation. We'll explore how the process of working with the Universal Laws while being willing to courageously follow your heart can ignite great change in your life. 


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